ife, Fixed Annuities and Long Term Care

The purchase of Life Insurance is a very personal decision, and for that reason there are a variety of policies designed to help you meet your goals. There is nothing that can replace you, but the income stream that you provide may be replaced. Retirement planning, mortgage protection or just providing financial assistance for your loved ones; these are just a few reasons that you may consider purchasing life insurance.

Taylor & Leonard can provide the insurance plan that is best for you. We have many fine companies that provide Term, Whole Life or Universal Life. Whatever your need you can be sure that we can help you meet your goals.

Fixed Annuities

Annuities are a tax-deferred contract between you and your insurance company that will provide a source of income during your retirement years. Proceeds from an annuity may be made over your retirement years, for a specified period of time or for a specified monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual amount.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is another key element of a financial plan. You can choose a policy that will fit the bill if you should require care during your retirement years. With today's cost of nursing home confinement, an unplanned period of care can eliminate your savings.

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